1717 N Akard St. | Dallas, Texas 75201 | 214-720-5249


The Dallas Morning News

 Prestigious Four Star Restaurant Rating

"Sommelier Hunter Hammett is a champion of Texas wines, and his list is one of Dallas’ most compelling. But Hammett is also infectiously excited about wines from elsewhere, and his list offers unusual finds... He’s got a talent for homing in on a diner’s particular taste and interests, and making appropriate recommendations."

Modern Luxury Dallas

"If there were a talent draft for chefs, The Fairmont Dallas hotel’s Pyramid Restaurant & Bar would be an NFL (national food league) winner."

Fort Worth Star Telegram

"Dallas' Pyramid is leisurely lunch perfection. An on-site garden and luscious, fresh fare make this gem in the Dallas Arts District the perfect place for a leisurely lunch."


"'Dining in the Garden' at the Pyramid Restaurant & Bar at the Fairmont Dallas Hotel is unlike anything I've ever seen in DFW. After pulling into the valet off Akard St. in downtown Dallas, we headed up to the terrace level, which is home to the 545-room luxury hotel's 3,000 square foot garden. Nestled among the beautiful greenery with the scents of rosemary, tarragon and basil thick in the air is a private table for two, which also features a backdrop of some of the citiy's most prominent buildings. Take a moment and check out the smile on your date's face when you first sit down and she actually realizes how cool this is and begins to take it all in."